VIPAR’s v-Enterprise logs 4 millionth transaction

Updated Feb 28, 2013

VIPAR Heavy Duty recently celebrated a milestone of four million transactions completed through its a web-enabled transaction management platform, v-Enterprise. Pioneered by VIPAR Heavy Duty, v-Enterprise supports business-to-business (B2B) electronic document exchange between VIPAR stockholders and their suppliers, and also between its distributors and end user customers.

VIPAR Heavy Duty implemented its first electronic commerce system in the late ’90s to help reduce the cost of processing transactions for all industry participants. By investing in ongoing system development throughout the past decade, VIPAR Heavy Duty has continually improved its technology platform, including v-Enterprise, to meet the challenge of continuous changes in industry technology.

“We are proud of the many goals we’ve accomplished for our stockholders and suppliers through v-Enterprise, which provides more accurate data exchange, completed in a timely fashion while achieving substantial costs savings in a paperless environment,” said Steve Crowley, president and CEO, VIPAR Heavy Duty.

VIPAR Heavy Duty’s v-Enterprise utilizes a user-friendly dashboard console at a private portal on its websiteincluding a toolset enabling stockholders to search, retrieve, print, or download electronic transaction sets to or from their suppliers. The platform is capable of exchanging transaction sets formatted in EDI, XML, CSV, and many other business system formats. One of the system’s best features is transaction set mapping directly from v-Enterprise to most users’ business systems.

VIPAR Heavy Duty’s v-Enterprise system also helps link the organization’s stockholders to its national account customers, simplifying the process of filling orders and exchanging invoices. In addition, online product cataloging is offered through the organization’s ProNet Catalog. A hosted business system, customized for VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors, is also offered.


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