Prestone offers coolant tips to avoid getting burned by high summer heat

With the primary goal of delivering a contracted load from Point A to Point B, fleet managers know they cannot control the weather in any region or on any route.

The best they can do is prepare their vehicles to withstand whatever the road throws at them, saysColin Dilley, Ph.D. with Prestone Command Technology Center

Dilley says it is easy to see that no matter where you are located you need to be prepared for the weather extremes that may occur. Extreme heat puts extreme stress on a heavy duty truck and its engine. The primary source of protection from heat is an engine’s antifreeze/coolant (AF/C). Fleet managers understand that effective engine cooling system maintenance is their frontline defense against summer’s relentless heat, and it requires a proactive approach to testing and maintenance.

Measuring and maintaining the coolant/water ratios within an engine cooling system can help ensure optimum engine operational efficiency. Ratios can be measured a number of ways including a hand-held refractometer, a hydrometer, or test strips.

Having the ability to proactively test an engine cooling system is imperative to making the right decisions for maintaining the correct levels of AF/C concentrations. By providing an easy way to test an engine cooling system, essential preventative maintenance can be convenient and highly accurate.

There are a number of ways to test your AF/C to ensure you are ready for any situation or condition. Reputable AF/C manufacturers offer complete lines of AF/C testing methods. These testing options vary in complexity and scope, offering the ability to test a wide range of important variables from basic glycol concentration to far more complete methods that measure the condition of the fluid and the ability of the AF/C to protect the engine from corrosion by measuring the level of inhibitors.

The heat of spring and summer will create harsh conditions and challenges to fleets across North America. Regularly scheduled maintenance throughout the lifetime of a heavy duty vehicle can keep it running for a very long time. Maintenance is the key to optimal engine cooling system operation, and fleet owners must monitor their AF/C to ensure the concentrate remains at a safe ratio and the inhibitor levels are in the appropriate range.

Prestone’s U.S.-based state-of-the-art Technology Center works closely with major engine manufacturers to create antifreeze/coolant formulations that are best-in-class both today and into the future.

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