Aperia's new automated pre-trip inspection tool

Aperia's pre-trip inspection tool

Aperia Technologies announced Tuesday the launch of Halo Drive, the industry's first automated pre-trip tire inspection tool to deliver comprehensive tire health insights to drivers.

Aperia says Halo Drive is explicitly geared to drivers of Halo Connect-equipped trucks. The tool enables pre-trip tire inspections to be completed in seconds and logs the date, time, and tire health when completed. It allows two-way communication so necessary tire service can be scheduled conveniently and economically instead of on the side of the road, the company adds.

“Halo Drive rounds out the Halo Connect experience by engaging drivers and simplifying pre-trip tire inspections – possibly the least enjoyed but most critical aspect of downtime avoidance,” says Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia Technologies. “Halo Drive can be customized to alert drivers to critical tire issues that occur in route so service can be scheduled and downtime avoided.”

Aperia Technologies says it launched the Halo Connect tire management platform three years ago to deliver actionable tire health insights to fleet managers through proprietary algorithms built on over 50 billion miles. The system remains the only tool that assesses tire health, categorizes issues by severity, and provides estimated safe drive time on each tire before service must be performed, Aperia says. Halo Drive ensures these insights are delivered to both drivers and fleet managers to streamline fleet-wide tire management.

Halo Drive is a first-of-its-kind mobile app focused exclusively on tire pressure management for fleet drivers and includes the following features:

Driver Features

  • Ability to complete pre-trip tire inspections in under a minute from any mobile device.
  • Real-time tire health alerts are delivered to drivers.
  • Driver notification of hardware issues that would require a manual pre-trip inspection.

Fleet Manager Features

  • Ability to filter the information sent to the driver, to show them only what is necessary.
  • Review the pre-trip inspection history by vehicle in the Halo Connect web portal.
  • Tell your drivers how you would like them to respond to time alerts directly in the Halo Drive app.

The new app is available for iOS and Android devices, Aperia says.

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