Qwik Tech Tips focuses on cable support

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Updated May 25, 2018

The May 2018 edition of Phillips Industries’ Qwik Tech Tips is titled, “Cable Support for Under the Trailer.”

Although cable support between the tractor and trailer is commonly discussed, support for the lines that run underneath the trailer are just as important, Phillips says in its monthly technical bulletin. Failure to keep brake hoses or tubing from chaffing or kinking under the trailer carries a 4-point severity under CSA guidelines.

Most, if not all, 45-foot trailers or longer, have a sliding suspension enabling the axles to adjust, sliding back and forth, underneath the trailer. This, plus a sliding 5th wheel, allows for any needed adjustments to evenly distribute the weight of cargo across all axles, according to Phillips. With the sliding movement, air lines and ABS cables under the trailer need the ability to shorten and lengthen with the suspension as it slides. If the air lines and cables are not properly supported, they can sag too low to the ground or be pulled too taut when the sliding axle is adjusted.

To learn more about cable support and the placement of and need for quality springs, CLICK HERE.

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