Common Engine Problem Indicators And Problems

Updated Nov 28, 2012


Common Engine Untitled 1IPD offers a general list of possible causes of common engine complaints. Remember that indicators and causes vary between engine models, applications and designs.

If a customer complaints of excessive black smoke during full load, causes include: faulty electronic sensors, fuel ratio control setting, intake or exhaust restriction, lugging, over-fueling and over-loading, valve adjustment or a failing turbocharger.

Causes of blue smoke indude: oil leaks, high oil level from some other problem, general engine wear due to hours of operation including worn piston rings, liners, valve train components and turbochargers.

White smoke can be caused by: faulty electronic sensors, cold ambient air temperature, leaking head gasket, cracked head or liners, faulty injectors, incorrect starting procedures and quality of fuel.

If you get a complaint of increased oil consumption or blow-by, suspect oil leaks, quality and type of oil, air compressor, normal engine wear (worn or broken rings/liners, worn turbocharger seals or worn valve guides), over-loading and prolonged idling.

Unusual noise can be caused by malfunctioning fuel nozzles/injectors, worn engine components, turbochargers or too much valve lash.

Lack of power often is caused by faulty electronic sensors, intake or exhaust restriction, fuel restriction, fuel components, governor settings, transmission, torque converter or other components or fuel quality.

Fuel leak, faulty electronic sensors, intake or exhaust restriction, turbocharger, fuel components or the operator are causes of increased fuel consumption.

Overheating is caused by faulty electronic sensors, a plugged radiator, incorrect adjustment or worn belts/pulleys, low coolant level, malfunctioning temperature regulators, failing water pump or the vehicle operator.

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