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Updated Dec 30, 2014

Since the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) launched its Lift Inspector Certification Program in late 2012, demand for ALI Certified Lift Inspectors has continued to grow.

Although some inspectors complete the certification requirements quickly, others may take six months to a year to achieve certification.

To help accelerate the process and fill the need for Certified Lift Inspectors, ALI member manufacturers Rotary Lift, Forward Lift, Challenger Lifts, Mohawk Lifts, PKS and Stertil-Koni USA came together to hold a five-day “all-in-one” training, testing and practical inspection event in November.

Called “Five Days to Victory,” the event offered candidate inspectors who had passed the pre-course exam the opportunity to complete all the other certification requirements: an orientation workshop, course examination and 12 practical inspections. Additionally, organizers say participants could attend a full-day study group on Tuesday led by ALI Factory Designated Trainers to prepare for the next day’s exam. Although ALI has held previous “all-in-one” events, this manufacturer-led event was the first to include practical inspections. A total of 91 candidates participated during the week.

“We’re very proud of our manufacturer members for putting together the Five Days to Victory event, and helping more than 90 candidate inspectors down the path to certification,” says ALI President Bob O’Gorman. “We currently have more than 700 candidates representing more than 450 firms participating in the ALI Lift Inspector Certification program, and we anticipate that up to 350 inspectors will have achieved certification by the end of March 2015.”

The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program was created to provide third-party qualification of vehicle lift inspectors and to certify those who demonstrate they are capable of properly inspecting any type of lift from any manufacturer in accordance with the ANSI standard governing vehicle lift inspection and in support of OSHA’s General Duty Clause, as well as provincial requirements in Canada.

Organizers say the program is open to anyone with a minimum of 12 months experience as a lift inspector. To obtain certification, participants must attend a six-hour orientation workshop, pass a written pre-course exam and final course exam, and properly complete 12 practical lift inspections on a range of vehicle lifts.

Annual lift inspections help protect technicians by ensuring that the lifts they work under are installed correctly, functioning properly and adequately maintained. The inspections are required by ANSI/ALI ALOIM:2008 (R2013), the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. Companies with an ALI Certified Lift Inspector on staff are listed in a directory on the ALI website. The directory is searchable by ZIP code to make it easy for lift owners to find a local inspector. For more information about the program or to find a local ALI Certified Lift Inspector, visit

One of the unique benefits of the Five Days to Victory event was the unprecedented access candidates had to factory designated trainers, ALI staff and certified inspectors. These individuals were dedicated to answering questions, providing advice and helping the inspectors achieve their goals.

Organizers say they included:

  • Ron Lainhart, factory designated trainer for Rotary Lift, who spearheaded the event.
  • Stan Poweska, ALI subject matter expert for PKS.
  • Allan Pavalick, ALI subject matter expert with Stertil-Koni USA.
  • John Bennett, ALI factory designated trainer for Challenger Lifts.
  • Josh Scroggins, factory designated trainer for Forward Lift.
  • Kelsey Greeves-Stephens, factory designated trainer for Rotary Lift.
  • Paul Lee, factory designated trainer for Rotary Lift.
  • Ron Veresko, ALI designated subject matter expert for Mohawk Lifts.
  • Peter Bower, ALI designated trainer for Stertil-Koni.
  • ALI President R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman.
  • Janelle Storey, ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program coordinator.
  • Jason Prentice, ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program analyst.
  • ALI Associate Class Director Gary Wainwright, ALI Certified Inspector #1639 of Weco Inc.
  • Marta Valdes, ALI Certified Inspector #1625 of Atlantic Auto Suppliers.
  • Craig Heidenthal, ALI Certified Inspector #1513 of Service Tech Tool & Equipment.
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