The benefits of big data

Updated Oct 24, 2014

Big data could be a big advantage for your business

At least that’s what Kevin McGirl, co-owner of Sales-i, told attendees during a presentation at the VIPAR Heavy Duty annual meeting Tuesday in Marco Island, Fla.

According to McGirl, data collection and analytics is the quickest growing industry in the world today.

Most commonly used in retail environments, McGirl says data collection and analytics allow businesses to track customer habits and purchasing trends. Data allows a business to see what a customer wants and needs, which allows them to build targeted marketing campaigns directly to each person. McGirl says this is unlike any advertising program previously seen in history.

And he says one reason for the boom is simply the amount of data that is now available.

According to McGirl, 90 percent of all data ever created since the beginning of time has been created since 2012. Every two days the world now produces as much data as what had been produced in history up to 2003.

“We used to all watch the same shows. We all saw the same advertisements,” McGirl says. “Now our lives are much more fragmented. We have an array of choices.”

But choices aren’t all bad. On the contrary, McGirl says.

Data tracking allows companies to identify exactly when a customer is most likely to see, and be moved, by advertisements and marketing.

McGirl says its that data that could be most beneficial to aftermarket distributors.

Marketing is always important, but marketing with a clear purpose is more profitable, and better for business, he says.

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