PSI’s latest Commercial Fleet Tire Digest now available

Pressure Systems International’s May issue of Commercial Fleet Tire Digest is now available.

This month’s issue compares many of the same principles that affect bike tires that affect tires used in heavy load operating vehicles.

“When you talk to truckers who are running widebase tires on their tractor and trailer, their first comment is that the ride is just so much better with the wider tires,” PSI says.

“Widebase tires are not affected by road rutting like dual tires which is the primary reason why drivers like the way the vehicle drives with these wider tires.”

The article explains that lowering tire pressure on a bicycle will help raise the comfort level for riders because it creates a longer footprint. With a bike, it takes more effort to pedal when the tire pressure is low, PSI says. For trucks, running lower tire pressures will increase the rolling resistance which leads to a decrease in fuel economy.

There is a big weight savings for fleets who run widebase tires and aluminum wheels of up to 1,000 pounds per vehicle, PSI says.

To read this month’s issue in its entirety, please CLICK HERE.

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