Eco Flaps, RealWheels, IMI products now available as package

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Updated Apr 27, 2018

Eco Flaps has partnered with RealWheels Corporation (RWC) and IMI, the companies announced Monday.

Eco Flaps says RWC’s wheel covers and IMI’s adaptive internal wheel-end balancer EQUAL FLEXX and Eco Flaps can now be purchased or specified together to optimize tractor fuel consumption. For trucks traveling 2,000 or more miles per week, Eco Flaps says the combined fuel savings from this MPG SMART PACK is estimated at 7-8 gallons of diesel per week.

“Eco Flaps have proven to reduce fuel consumption, which maximizes savings and minimizes impact on the environment,” says Bren Marshell, vice president of sales of Eco Flaps. “Now, fleets can expect to see even more of these benefits by using Eco Flaps, RWC’s wheel covers and IMI’s FLEXX together.”

RWC, Eco Flaps and IMI commissioned Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in the fall of 2017 to conduct a road-based J1321 test on Class 8 equipment. The test focused on quantifying the fuel consumption impact when RWC’s wheel covers were used in conjunction with Eco Flaps and IMI FLEXX in all wheel positions at highway speeds. SwRI found that when all three solutions were added to the test tractor and trailer, fuel consumption at 62 miles per hour improved by more than 5 percent, the companies say.

In addition to fuel savings, the three-product combination reduces vibration, spray and corrosion. Eco Flaps says the adaptive wheel-end balancer also extends tread life on all tractor tires by up to 20 percent or more. The combined savings from fuel and tire life extension with the MPG SMART PACK total at least $6,000 over a 4-year lease or owner cycle on the tractor. And since the MPG SMART PACK can be purchased and installed for less than the fuel cost to operate a truck for three to four days, utilizing these products together have great ROI with no ongoing maintenance required, the companies say.

Fleets will be able to purchase Eco Flaps, RWC wheel covers and IMI’s FLEXX as the MPG SMART PACK from major truck OEMs and their dealer networks. Eco Flaps are backed by a two-year warranty for Class 8 tractor applications. IMI’s FLEXX is warranted for the life of the tractor tires, and RWC’s Twist & Lock wheel covers are warranted for the first ownership or lease term of the truck, the companies say.

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