Fairbanks Scales launches six models of FB6000 weighing instrument

Fb6017 Right Angle WebFairbanks Scales Inc. has announced six new scale instruments based on the FB6000 design. The new instruments are ideal for a variety of weighing applications, including floor, blender, tank, truck, hopper and rail scales, according to the company. The FB6005, FB6006 and FB6007 models are analog instruments and the FB6015, FB6016 and FB6017 instruments feature Intalogix load cell diagnostics and digital load cell communication technology.

The new analog instruments take the analog signal from the load cells and convert it to a digital signal inside the instrument. In multiple load cell applications, all load cell adjustments are performed at the analog summing box(es) located at the scale platform. Final scale calibration is performed through the instrument. The analog versions use the same analog load cell interface card (ASC) as is used in existing FB6001, FB2558 and FB4000 instruments.

The new FB6015, FB6016 and FB6017 instruments use Intalogix technology for on-board diagnostics and digital load cell communication. An analog load cell signal is converted to a digital signal at the scale-mounted Smart Sectional Controllers (SSCs) and sent to the instrument by means of a digital communication. The new instruments use the standard SSCs, DSSCs and 2801 ISCs. All load cell trimming, sectional adjustments and final scale calibration are performed through the instrument.

All of the features of the current FB6000 products are in the new instrument models. In addition, the new models bring relay control for filling applications into the FB6000 family. They feature five modes of operation for relay control: setpoint, checkweigh, batch, auto batch and auto repeat. The filling modes also have settings beyond the typical target weight settings.

The new instruments also feature a 16-segment, bright red LED display, which allows for easier-to-read text on the screen. They are available in 3 enclosure options: stainless steel, NEMA 4X desk mount/wall mount enclosure; stainless steel and powder coat painted, NEMA 12 panel mount enclosure; and stainless steel and powder coat painted, NEMA 12 rack mount enclosure.

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