Phillips Industries has released its newest issue of Qwik Tech Tips. This month’s issue provides guidance on air line selection tips.

According to the company, when replacing air lines it is important to select replacements that are “not only quality, but also meet DOT standards, to ensure safety and avoid downtime while on the road.”

Phillips Industries offers seven useful guidelines for truck owners and their parts suppliers when selecting air assemblies:

  • DO select air assemblies that display appropriate markings which signify compliance with DOT regulations (required by law.) Air lines are clearly marked DOT on the fittings and hose jacketing. If not, they are not approved as legal or safe for use as air brake lines.
  • DO select air coils made from Nylon 11 and 12 (PA11 & PA12) which far surpass those made from Polyurethane and Nylon 6/6 in strength, durability, flexibility, and memory recoil.
  • DO select air lines with Type B (dual wall) jacket layering, which has internal braiding. The smaller and tighter the braid, the more reinforcement there is throughout the walls of the air coil. AVOID Type A single wall jacketing with no internal jacketing.
  • DO select air lines with three or four-piece tractor side fittings. Unlike one-piece fittings, these types of fittings avoid spinning /corkscrewing the entire cable during installation.
  • DO select air lines with spring guards to protect the hose and tubing from sharp bends at or near the fitting.
  • DO select air lines that extend to their maximum expected service length and return to their retracted position without sag.
  • When deciding between coiled or rubber, DO take into considering the added weight of rubber air lines which will require a stronger suspension system.

For more tips, and to read the entirety of this month’s issue, please CLICK HERE.

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