Talbert debuts 55-ton Roller Paver trailer

Talbert 55-Ton Roller Paver heavy-haul trailerTalbert Manufacturing introduces the 55-Ton Roller Paver (55CC-RP) heavy-haul trailer for enhanced load versatility and minimal permit costs.

Talbert says the trailer’s concentrated load rating of 55 tons in 12.5 ft. of deck allows owners to haul a variety of equipment, including rollers, pavers, excavators and dozers. Talbert also designed the new trailer with dual kingpin settings. These settings allow drivers to operate in states with 43-ft. kingpin laws, such as Connecticut, without the need for a permit when traveling empty.

“Customers want to get the most out of their trailers,” says Troy Geisler, Talbert vice president of sales and marketing. “Often, when they’ve needed to haul road construction equipment, such as pavers, they’ve had to dedicate just one trailer to that task simply because it wasn’t designed to handle other types of loads. We’ve eliminated that hassle and the extra expense of another trailer, giving customers one unit they can use to haul a variety of equipment.”

Talbert designed the 55CC-RP with extra steel in the main and side beams of the deck as well as the gooseneck and rear axles. This additional reinforcement allows the trailer to achieve its 55-ton capacity in a 12.5-ft. rigid-load base rating while maintaining the structural integrity and load angle required for roller pavers. In addition, Talbert says it accommodated the 43-ft. kingpin law by adjusting the trailer’s deck length, gooseneck radiuses and rear ramps from previous roller paver trailer models. The trailer’s overall length of 53 ft. eliminates the need for over-length permits in certain U.S. states.

Talbert says the 55CC-RP also offers a 24-ft. clear deck length in the well. It also features 20-in. cross member spacing along with auxiliary cross members on the lower deck, which provide optimal flooring for heavy loads.

The trailer’s three axles are close-coupled and can accept optional pin-on axles for loads requiring four axles in a row. The company says users can load low-profile equipment onto the 22-in.-high deck, with 6-in. loaded road clearance, via the front of the trailer using the trailer’s tapered ramps. The ramps are 41 in. long, as much as 9 in. longer than those on typical trailers, to establish the optimal approach angle. The ramp’s widths also can be adjusted to accommodate various widths of equipment, Talbert says. Additionally, the 55CC-RP’s 57-in. rear slope has a 20.2-degree load angle, ideal for loading asphalt and soil rollers.

Talbert also offers optional features, such as open center sections for excavator booms to lay in, which helps minimize load height. The 55CC-RP also is said to offers full-width rear-bridge fenders equipped with 1.5-in. heavy-duty Apitong. This allows users to drive equipment, such as a roller, up over the trailer’s wheels and onto the bed. Like all of its trailers, Talbert manufactures the 55CC-RP with heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel for extreme durability and longevity. Talbert trailers come standard with Valspar R-Cure 800 paint to prevent corrosion for a long-lasting finish and better return on investment, the company adds.

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