Hodyon announces special lease offer on APUs

As diesel fuel continues to escalate (up nearly 30 percent from last year according to the Department of Energy), owner-operators are looking for ways to reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Hodyon, a Fallbrook Technologies Inc. company, announced a new leasing program that can provide savings for Owner Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) members who install Hodyon Dynasys APU systems.

According to Hodyon the Dynasys APU is designed to provide owner-operators savings of potentially thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses annually, with savings of up to $400 a month on fuel alone after the APU lease payment. Additional savings may be realized due to the reduction in engine wear, and thus maintenance costs that are associated with long duration engine idling, the company says.

The leasing program is available through Fallbrook Technologies, Inc. which recently acquired Hodyon.  The company is offering up to 1,000 competitive leases only to OOIDA members who complete the appropriate qualification steps. According to Hodyon Chief Executive Officer David Hancock, the leasing program is very easy to apply for and many applicants who did not qualify for other leasing program currently available will meet qualification and be approved.

“While there have been leasing programs in the past, they have been difficult to qualify for and have not been driver-friendly,” Hancock says. “Our new program is managed in-house, is designed to be an easy process and features flexible payment options. Additionally, the savings can be realized from the first day the APU is installed from our network of national dealers. The lease payment is estimated to be only 40-55 percent of fuel savings the driver will experience which puts money in his pocket immediately.”

The Dynasys APU, which is said to be easy to install and maintain, offers significant fuel savings — an average of one gallon per hour while idling —  and makes drivers compliant with all applicable non-idling laws. The APU also offers 6kw of power and shore power. Shore power allows the HVAC to be plugged into any 110-volt outlet, working independently from the APU engine.

Owner-operators can apply via phone (1-800-289-8282) or through Hodyon’s website.  More information is available at http://www.hodyon.com/.

Hodyon’s leasing program was created following the acquisition of Hodyon, Inc., earlier this month by Fallbrook Technologies, Inc. “Backed by the resources of Fallbrook Technologies, Hodyon now has stronger technological and financial resources to develop the next generation of APUs and offer flexible in-house leasing options,” Hancock says.


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