TSE Brakes introduce smart brake actuator

TSE-Sense smart brake actuator

TSE Brakes entered the smart component revolution this week at ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Fall Meeting in Cleveland with the introduction of its TSE-Sense smart brake actuator.

TSE Brakes Vice President of Sales and Marking Pat McNamara says TSE's decision to enter the smart space was driven by customer demand and technology improvements. McNamara says TSE-Sense provides an innovative solution for customers hungry for more information regarding their brake drum performance.

The system works by using sensors installed within a brake chamber to measure all aspects of brake system performance, including non-function brake, dragging brake, overstrike condition, emergency spring failure, brake imbalance, and more. Data acquired through the sensors are then sent to the system's data integration box (DIB), which forwards the data to the vehicle's telematics system and the carrier, who can use the data however they see fit to monitor the brake system and schedule service events. And TSE-Sense is brand agnostic, McNamara says, meaning it works today with most telematics providers operating in the marketplace. 

"We want to be able to help customers eliminate out-of-service events, roadside breakdowns and thermal events that are caused by failing brakes," McNamara says.

Available now, TSE-Sense can be retrofitted onto most trailers at a pace of an hour per chamber. The system also is available off the line from Great Dane and McNamara says the TSE Brakes is in discussion with other OEMs to offer a similar spec'ing option. He says TSE Brakes has dedicated production space to the product to ensure minimal lead times and increase the rate of adoption across the industry.

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