Fold-down van step and hideable ramp

National Fleet Products' van step

National Fleet Products introduces its new fold-down Van Step and under-deck Hide-A-Ramp.

The company says the Van Step provides quick ergonomic access in and out of cargo vans, and the Hide-A-Ramp slides out from under its integrated deck housing to provide unencumbered van entry. Both products are initially designed for the Ford Transit platform, with versions for additional makes and models to come. 

The 22-in. wide, all-aluminum van step folds down to provide effortless three-step entry and egress from the rear of any Ford Transit van. Using the steps significantly reduces wear and tear on feet, ankles, knees and hips when entering or exiting off the deck or bumper at the rear of a van, the company says.

A steel mounting plate enables easy installation on passenger- or driver-side positions. National Fleet Products adds application of a second mounting plate allows users to move the steps from passenger-side to driver-side or center locations at will. Removing or relocating the steps is fast and simple and requires only the extraction and reinsertion of two quick-release pins located at the hinge site on the plates, the company says. 

When folded up in its storage position, the step nests in just 8.5 in., of commonly unutilized space directly inside the rear doors and does not block visibility from rear windows, the company says. 

“Fleets and workers alike will love the Van Step because it reduces the potential for injury while increasing ease of movement, comfort and convenience when entering or exiting a van,” says Steven Peterson, president of National Fleet Products. “Upfitters will appreciate the Van Step’s simple installation and the fact that it doesn’t compete for space with shelving units, racks or other common interior van accessories.”

Additionally, known for its popular swivel ramp models, National Fleet Products’ new Hide-A-Ramp is a complete departure from other offerings on the market. Its unique, unitized, no-drill floor-mounting concept utilizes the Ford Transit’s existing factory anchor points and nests precisely between its wheel wells, the company says.

The top of the Hide-A-Ramp’s housing rises just 6 in., above the Transit’s original deck and becomes a sturdy new floor surface that can accommodate heavy loads on hand trucks and small wheeled vehicles such as lawn mowers, lawn tractors, spreaders, ATVs and more, up to 2,500 lb., the company says. 

National Fleet Products' Hide-A-RampNational Fleet Products' Hide-A-Ramp in use.

Because no drilling is required for installation, the Hide-A-Ramp and its housing components assemble quickly and do not foster corrosion, as the integrity of the van’s original floor structure remains uncompromised. All components of the ramp and housing combined weigh only 350 lb.

The rugged yet lightweight one-piece, heavy-duty Hide-A-Ramp is easily deployed from the rear of the van, and two hand holes enable users to secure a good grip as they pull the 10-ft. long ramp from its housing, National Fleet Products says. Once fully extended and placed on the ground, the ramp’s beveled leading edge and top make for a smooth transition from ground to ramp to interior deck, all at a comfortable slope of 23 degrees, the company says.

 The 48-in. wide ramp has a flat surface edge-to-edge with raised traction ridges and no side rails. By eliminating the side rails, the ramp’s design allows equipment, like mowers, to move up and down and, if necessary, extend over the edge of the ramp without getting hung up. The ramp boasts a robust weight capacity of 2,500 lb.

“Both the Van Step and Hide-A-Ramp are 100 percent designed and manufactured in National Fleet Products’ Buffalo, Minn., factory, in America’s heartland,” says Peterson. “Both products come with National Fleet Products’ three-year limited warranty.”

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