Fifth Wheel Cylinder Kit Installation

Updated Nov 28, 2012

Use the following procedure when installing an air

actuated fifth wheel cylinder kit on Fontaine Ultra LT series fifth wheels:

Remove the fifth wheel from the mounting bracket. Fontaine advises cleaning the fifth wheel prior to installing the kit.

Place the fifth wheel in the upside down position making sure the wheel is placed on a suitable work surface.

Remove the pull handle spring from the fifth wheel (see Figure 1).

Install the exhaust valve into the air cylinder (as shown in Figure 2). Make sure the exhaust valve is oriented properly.

Install the new air cylinder, making sure it is oriented properly (see Figure 3).

Reinstall the fifth wheel back on the mounting brackets.

Insert the air supply line into the quick disconnect on the exhaust valve.

Open and close the fifth wheel using the air cylinder to ensure proper function.

Tilt the fifth wheel forward to ensure that the cylinder and air supply line does not interfere with another component.

Trailer Diagram 1
Figure 1
Trailer Diagram 2
Figure 2
Trailer Diagram 3
Figure 3
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