Minimizer sponsoring industry GenNext program


Minimizer will sponsor a support and mentor program for next generation trucking industry leaders.

Steve Hansen, Minimizer National Accounts Manager, will head the organization in which veteran industry professionals cultivate talent and leadership amongst younger industry managers, the so-called next generation.

“Minimizer is proud to sponsor this new catalyst for young industry leaders,” says Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary, Craig Kruckeberg. “To fortify our future, it is essential that our current veterans step up, support and mentor our next generation. We must provide them with critical industry and managerial experience to drive the heavy duty world forward.”

GenNext, the new nonprofit alliance, will provide uniquely positioned education, networking and mentorship opportunities by engaging young professionals in related industries that are vital to the heavy-duty trucking infrastructure, Minimizer says. Up-and- coming leaders of heavy-duty manufacturers, distributors and suppliers are all eligible for membership in GenNext.

“GenNext will bridge the generational gap between younger industry professionals and experienced industry leaders,” Hansen says. “We will also recruit into the industries we serve through new forums, trade show breakout sessions, social media and networking opportunities.”

Two of the three cornerstones of GenNext are educating and mentoring up and coming managers. The third will be recruiting new people into the heavy-duty trucking industry, a major focus for the GenNext organization.

“Believe it or not,” Hansen says, “There is a lot of opportunity in heavy-duty trucking, but it isn’t perceived as a very sexy industry…yet. We plan on changing that perception and creating a pipeline of capable, enthusiastic future leaders that will join our industry’s workforce and create positive change.”

The targeted demographic group for membership includes executives and managers under 45 years of age who work in the heavy-duty trucking industry or a closely related field. Veteran industry professionals, targeted as those managers with significant years of experience, primarily aged 45 and over, are slated to mentor these younger members.

However, everyone, regardless of age, has the opportunity to learn as a result of being involved in GenNext. An overarching purpose is to form lasting, professional relationships that further the profession as a whole.

Currently, there is no other heavy-duty trucking organization serving this industry need for targeted succession planning, and Hansen is very excited to be a principal player on this new venture.

“This group is going to be fresh, edgy and solid. It will combine all the best qualities and attributes from two critical groups in our business.”

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