PacLease sales meeting breaks record

Updated Jul 30, 2017

PacLease held its two-day annual sales meeting earlier this month in Dallas where nearly 100 percent of the sales personnel from the company and its franchises were in attendance.

The meeting included several seminars and breakout sessions from vendors and PacLease personnel, with a direct focus on how PacLease can provide customers with the “best-in-class” experience.

“Our theme this year, ‘every interaction matters – people, purpose and passion,’ really set the tone for the whole event,” says Rick Walden, PacLease’s director of sales. “Throughout the meeting, the theme became more of a reality statement, and it was incredible to see. It’s important that we view every interaction through the lens of our customers, so we can optimize their experience and do what’s best for them. If they succeed, we succeed.”

According to Walden, the bulk of the meeting was going through all the “touch points” with customers, and creating processes to ensure PacLease is a company that optimizes their experience, the company says.

“Each is important, from analyzing their lease-versus-ownership decisions, to working with fleets once they become customers,” Walden says. “We are serious about being best-in-class when it comes to the customer experience – at the end of the day, we want our customers to feel a sense of community and partnership in every interaction…regardless of how small or large a particular situation is. One of the keys to a successful relationship is presenting all the facts – starting with answering the question ‘is leasing right for my operation?’

“We conduct lease-versus-ownership comparisons for our customers and our seminar went into depth about how to provide an accurate picture to them,” he add. “We know that full-service leasing doesn’t work for everyone – leasing shouldn’t always ‘win.’ Leasing is often the right choice, but not always. Our seminar provided new tools for our salespeople to help them conduct a fair and accurate assessment for our customers.”

The sales meeting also included presentations and truck walk-arounds from Kenworth and Peterbilt.

“Every year, there is something new; a new spec or new idea on how to build a better truck for our customers,” says Walden. “It’s important for our franchises and sales people to know the trucks they lease inside and out and our sales meeting gave them the opportunity to further their education. Every truck we lease is custom-built to best suit our customers’ operations. Fuel economy is important, as is productivity, performance and driver comfort. It’s why there is no such thing as a ‘cookie-cutter’ truck from PacLease. We take pride in our spec’ing and the ability to provide a truck that will offer the ultimate experience for our customers.”

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