Volvo adds dual PTO to I-shift

Volvo's dual power take off for I-Shift
Volvo’s transmission PTO T4X-J2X (PTRD-D3), a transmission-mounted clutch dependent power take-off (PTO) with two independently clutched rearward facing DIN connections.
Volvo Trucks North America

Volvo Trucks North America has upgraded its I-Shift automated manual transmission (AMT), now offering a a dual power take-off (PTO) that expands the efficiency benefits, transmission functionality and overall cost savings. 

Volvo states the dual PTO enables I-Shift to incorporate two independently clutched DIN 5462 drives, or one SAE 1410 flange and one DIN 5462 drive, separated by the vehicle’s centerline. By separating the two drives, Volvo says space is created to allow for the installation of two pumps, simplifying installations and serviceability in the field. The output drives are independently clutched, enabling the vehicle to serve applications either separately or simultaneously. 

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“Leveraging the new capabilities of a dual PTO in Volvo’s I-Shift transmission increases the truck’s operational versatility, a customer can haul portland cement one day and  aggregate material the next,” says Andy Hanson, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America. “Volvo’s factory installed PTOs and pumps make the up-fitting process easier, increasing first-time quality and overall reliability for our customers.”

The I-Shift transmission with the dual PTO improves functionality, productivity, fleet utilization and versatility, Volvo says. It also compliments the existing single, double and triple PTO suite of offerings.

The PTO’s factory supplied DIN 5462 ports and SAE 1410 flanges are interchangable with the SAE 1310 flange and SAE-C and SAE-BB ports, which are all offered through Volvo’s parts distribution network. The factory-installed dual PTO, which carry the same warranty as the I-Shift transmission, also includes dash switches to provide independent left and right side control. Volvo installed PTOs can also receive factory installed Parker gear and piston pumps, the company says.

Additionally, an expanded benefit of the I-Shift transmission is that it comes in 12, 13 and 14-speed configurations. Volvo says I-Shift also is available with an overdrive gear and crawler gears of either 17.5:1 or 32:1, providing the ability to cruise at highway speeds while still allowing for excellent efficiency, “startability” and slow-speed maneuverability. 

“For more than 15 years, Volvo Trucks’ I-Shift intelligent automated manual transmission has set industry benchmarks for fuel efficiency, vehicle performance, safety and driver comfort. With expanded capabilities thanks to the dual PTO, the Volvo Trucks customer will see more benefits in functionality and cost savings as well,” Hanson says.

Volvo's dual power take off for I-ShiftVolvo’s transmission PTO T4X-J3X (PTRD-D4), a transmission-mounted clutch dependent power take-off (PTO) with two independently clutched rearward facing connections.Volvo Trucks North America

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