HDA Truck Pride talks strategy, future goals at membership meeting

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Updated Apr 6, 2018
HDA Truck Pride CCO Tom Tecklenburg speaks Thursday during the group’s Annual Membership Meeting in San Diego.HDA Truck Pride CCO Tom Tecklenburg speaks Thursday during the group’s Annual Membership Meeting in San Diego.

A great year in 2017 hasn’t stopped HDA Truck Pride from aspiring to reach new highs in 2018.

During the opening session Thursday at the company’s Annual Membership Meeting in San Diego, President and CEO Don Reimondo and several members of the HDA Truck Pride team updated their members and supplier partners on initiatives undertaken over the last 12 months and new projects HDA Truck Pride has on the docket for the rest of this year and beyond.

Reimondo opened the event in a congratulatory mood, lauding everyone in attendance for their efforts in helping HDA Truck Pride complete arguably its most successful year on record in 2017. Reimondo says the organization far exceeded aftermarket industry growth totals during the year, and pointed to huge same-store sales and a burgeoning CV Logistics business as two specific areas where HDA Truck Pride sales were especially strong. Reimondo’s comments were followed by Chief Commercial Officer Tom Tecklenburg, who says early returns from the first quarter and strong business conditions for trucking make HDA Truck Pride confident it can further surpass last year’s records in 2018.

In looking past raw numbers, Tecklenburg also spoke about the buying group’s vision, values and strategic plan. Tecklenburg says HDA Truck Pride wants to be “the premier, most cohesive supply chain to the commercial vehicle industry.” He says the group wants to build a culture of trust and respect that runs through its membership and supplier partners out to end users, and has developed a number of strategic objectives the company believes will allow it to do so.

One key area where Tecklenburg believes HDA Truck Pride is well positioned to evolve and continue helping customers is in its supply chain. The buying group added nearly a dozen supplier partners over the last year and has more targeted for 2018. Regarding the latter, Tecklenburg says HDA Truck Pride is working with its members to analyze purchasing data and better evaluate where lines need to be added, altered or removed to best serve end user needs. He says the research is incredibly useful but time-consuming, noting to members: â€śIf you have some areas where you know we need some help, be sure to talk to us.”

Thursday’s meeting also featured detailed updates of the HDA Truck Pride website and training portal HDA Truck Pride University.

In updating members and suppliers on the HDA Truck Pride website, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Tina Hubbard says the new version, launched on Dec. 1, 2017, is now a resource HDA Truck Pride hopes members can use “every day” in their businesses.

The “Version 2.0” site features a significantly enhanced supplier library, with updated search functionality, special, warranty and rebate information, as well as the group’s ever expanding training library, a dramatically updated member locator and a message forum where members can communicate and help solve each other’s problems.

As for training, Nikki Paschall, marketing programs manager, says HDA Truck Pride University continues to add courses and training materials for its members and, thanks to the website update, also is now cleaner and easier to use. The site now allows member employees to complete tests and print out certificates for certain courses and later this year will begin offering stockholder executives usage reports that will allow them to see exactly how their employees are using the tool.

HDA Truck Pride University also is now offering Commercial Vehicle 101, which Paschall describes as an “introductory course for new employees to your business.” Paschall says the simple course focuses heavily on commercial vehicle terminology and basic knowledge, and is designed to be quick crash course to bring new talent up to speed on the aftermarket.

As a whole, she says these tools will help HDA Truck Pride members better manage the dramatic transformations occurring in their businesses and the industry. The â€śtransformation needs to happen to the people in your business, not just the business itself,” she says.

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